Sunday, February 25, 2018
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ALLAHABAD: With Holi fever catching up fast in the city, one of the oldest locality of the city, Daragunj hosted the annual Mugdar Baraat on Saturday night whichwas followed by Hasya kavi sammelan.


For the local residents it was time to feast amidst the spirit of festivities and doses of laughter handed out by poets who has gathered on the occasion.


The Baraat led by office bearers of Prayagraj Sewa Samiti carrying the traditional mugdar( traditional gymn equipment) donated by the families of noted wrestlers from the city, Krishna Rao and Lalai Pahelwan was taken out in Daragunj on Saturday night.


Starting from Dr Prabhat Shastri and passing through the ancient BeniMadhav temple, curious onlookers had lined up across the roads to catch a glimpse of the event which marks the beginning of Holi festivities in the city. Sporting colourful Holi caps and Abir Gulal smeared on their forehead, members of the samiti led by the secretary, Teerthraj Pandey, chanted the slogan "Bura Na Mano Holi hail" which reverberated in the air even as the Baraat culminated at Dhaka dhak crossing.

TheHasya kavi sammelan began with the recitation of Kuteshwar Nath Tripathiwho invoked the Goddess of Learning-Saraswati in his composition.This was followed by his traditional composition of Bhojpuri humour where he took pot shots at the cosy relationship between brother-in-law(jija) and sisterin-law(saali) by saying "Saali Hamar kavi sammelan mein ek khila huwa Guldasta, Saala hamaar aisey jaise atikraman virodhi dasta".This sent the audience into peels of laughter. Similar compositionswere presented by other poets including Lalji Singh, Umesh Patel, Dharmendra Tripathi, Maqdoom Phulpuri, Ritambhara Mishra, Noori Parveen, Faiyaz Ahmad, Dharma Prakash Mishra, Rajesh Pandey and others which drew wide applause from the gathering which sat till the wee hours to listen to the poets.



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