Sunday, February 25, 2018
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ALLAHABAD: Substandard colours could harm skin, eyes and other parts of the body. The health department has initiated steps to spread awareness regarding the use of cheap colours during Holi. The experts said that people should avoid substandard colours being sold at makeshift shops.

"Colours being sold in the form of paste have toxic compounds mixed in a base of substandard oil. Such substances could cause skin allergy and momentary blindness," chief medical officer Ramesh Kumar Srivastava said while talking to TOI. While playing with colours, one should be cautious and careful as synthetic colors can spoil ones enthusiasm.

Doctors posted at government hospitals and primary and community health centres are explaining the advantages of natural colours and urging people not to use adulterated colours. People who want to know more about the impact of synthetic colours on human body can approach the doctors.

In order to avoid rashes, itching and skin problems, one must apply body lotion or coconut oil all over the body, especially face, before playing with colours.

Eye experts claim that the arbitrary use of adulterated colours, especially synthetic ones during the festivity raises the chances of injuries to eyes. Extra care should be taken to avoid such injuries. Even gulal and abeer are known to contain traces of asbestos which can cause corneal ulcer.

Dr Kalim Akmal of Dufferin Hospital said that natural colours have been replaced by synthetic and chemical colours due to cost structure and availability. These days, most of colours sold in the market are oxidized metals or industrial dyes mixed with substandard oil. These chemicals are known to cause serious harm to health, especially the skin and eyes.

Black colour is made from lead oxide, green from copper sulphate, silver from aluminium bromide and red from mercury sulphite. These chemicals can cause allergy, temporary blindness, renal failure, skin cancer and even paralysis.

Holi revellers must realize the fact that the colours are meant to make the festival more cheerful and pleasurable and not to harm others.

The officials of food and drug administration are also planning to conduct surprise raids at units making adulterated colours.

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