Sunday, February 25, 2018
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apj-abdul-kalamALLAHABAD: There is an imperative need to promote scientific temper in the society as science transforms social dynamics, said former President APJ Abdul Kalam while addressing the centenary celebrations of Vigyan Parishad here on Tuesday.He said the principles of science should be propagated in local languages so that children can understand them better.

The Missile Man took a pledge from the students that they would dedicate their life in propagating the principles of science in the society.The former president recalled his interaction with a tribal child, Gopal, in Madhya Pradesh. The child had asked Kalam: "How could education can be propagated among children of nomadic people who are bereft of the gift of education." Kalam said there should be concept of 'Mobile School' for these children so that they can be given scientific education.

Reflecting on the diversity and plurality of the different languages of India, the Missile Man said books on science should be translated in the local languages so that students can understand the concepts. He also emphasized the need that young students from all over the country should meet on a common platform and share their experiences. He observed that students of Tamil Nadu, students of Madhya Pradesh, Kashmir and other States should interact on a common platform and exchange their scientific experiences.

He also stressed the need for preservation of local languages. He appreciated the efforts of tribal children of Madhya Pradesh who were instrumental in publishing a magazine which highlighted the local problems of the area.

Speaking about the inventions and discoveries, the former president observed that these are 'garland of creative minds' which have revolutionized our lives. Speaking about the scientists, he observed that they are the prisoners of great passions and they should reach the masses in common language.

He also urged the young students that for excelling in life a person should cultivate the habit of reading good books, interact with good teachers and interact with good human beings. He urged the teachers that they should promote the spirit of science among students and also in the society.

He urged the students that they should become science communicators and also students to take a pledge that they should work for disseminating the information of science among the people. Further, being the science communicators they should explain the beauty of science to the students in the school. They should carefully apply the knowledge of science. Further, scientific lectures should be published in booklets to be distributed among the schoolchildren.

Meanwhile, a website of Vigyan Parishad was also inaugurated by the former President of the country.

Former chairman of India Atomic Commission and principal scientific advisor to the prime minister R Chidambaram observed that India should make consistent efforts to transform from a developing country to a developed country. For this transformation, India should become a fully literate country with emphasis on female literacy. The per capita income should grow by more than 6 per cent. Further, our energy security and environmental issues should also be addressed.

He also stressed that a qualitative change in the quality of life of the rural people should be insured. For this, rural development should be given priority and then India can transform into a developed nation.

He also said that knowledge in the universities and the researches in the laboratories should not remain confined within the portals of education but should be implemented in the industries so that India can march ahead on the path of development.

Renowned scientist Manju Sharma spoke about the work of Vigyan Parishad in propagating science in Hindi language. She observed that despite financial crunch and limited resources, the Parishad has been instrumental in translating many science works in Hindi. Even dictionary has also been published.

On the occasion, about 40 scientists were felicitated and 20 books on science were released.

Initially, M Govindrajan, general secretary of Bhasha Sangam welcomed the former president of India APJ Abdul Kalam by singing a poem in his honor and that too in Tamil language. Dr Deenanath Tiwari, convener and Dr.Shiv Gopal Mishra gave a detailed account of the achievements of Vigyan Parishad in the past 100 years. The organization publishes a monthly science magazine.

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