Sunday, February 25, 2018
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downloadALLAHABAD: The annual knowledge festival of Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), Gnosiomania, began on Friday. Giving this information, convenor, Rajesh Kumar Shastri, said Gnosiomania is a multi-dimensional extravaganza where knowledge and intellect mingle with sporadic fun. 

The three-day festival which started as a quizzing fest in 2002, has now unfurled into a mammoth shape of a revolution, taking in its stride the expanses of numerous young brains throughout the nation. He added that this year is seeing participation from over 25 countries including US, UK, Germany, China,Nepal and many more in the online event "Quiz of the day". 

This edition of the event has much more diverse implications from the chain of events hosted in its last edition. On the opening day, an Open Panel Discussion was held where achievers and luminaries of the nation share stage with the youth and sought their views on various topics. A brainstorming session on "Kashmir: Burdens of the past, options for the future" was also held.A quiz for faculty members was held. 

Lore weavers tested the skills of participants in weaving stories. Ad Hole was based on video advertisment. A number of informal events have also been introduced as well to make the three day event more interesting and captivating. Quizzes have always been the centre of attraction at Gnosiomania.

source:times of india

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