Sunday, February 25, 2018
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chetan bhagat

Allahabad : Chetan Bhagat , a renowned authur visited united college of engineering and research on the occassion of founders day of the college and given some important keys to success to the students .


he told the students about the two parts of the human mind one of them gets active through the bookish knowledge and the other through reasoning one should try to develop latter also because there is  more demand of the latter one.


english is most important in this era of globalisation. to communicate ones thought effectively one should have good command over english . being an international language english is the best source of communication. 


whether its business or job, marketing is essential.not only the marketing of your product but  self marketing is also important.the way you present youself and the way you communicate is what makes the difference.


if you dont have confidence you cannot survive though you have all the can not use your knowledge effectively if you dont have confidence so this is one of the key ingredients.


if one has knowledge as well as money he should not search for job,he should start a business this will create more jobs.this is the best way to success.


in this era of technology every thing should be based on should be technical as well as skilled.

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