Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Akshay Boss

We all have grown up reading one of the most popular comic books of India, Chacha Chaudhary, which has become a cult brand and has sold over ten million copies over the years!

There have been generations who have been reading this classic, and for the first time in the history of Indian comic books, Chacha Chaudhary will have tie-up with Bollywood, in Akshay Kumar’s (left) forthcoming film BOSS. That is because there is certain kind of similarity between BOSS & Chacha Chaudhary, who is a middle class Indian, frail but very intelligent old man and helps people in distress by solving their problem. On the other hand our BOSS —Akshay Kumar also helps people who are in trouble but in his own fun way. This special edition of comic which will be printed in English and in Hindi will be launched officially by the superstar in Delhi, who himself has been a huge fan of this comic since his childhood.

          When quizzed, Akshay said very excitedly, “I have been a fan of Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu since my childhood. I feel honored that my character of BOSS will now be featured alongside them in a special comic book.” The story is going to be new for this particular edition and will revolve around the theme of the comic where the BOSS, Akshay Kumar, will join Chacha Chaudhary and help him fight out his enemies!

Courtesy: HT

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