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If you have the knack of reading motivational books, and it really acts as a tool for your overall enhancement, I would definitely recommend this book. This book could be one of the book to address the question that are always on priority in the mind of any manager as to what he should be doing to make his or her boss sharing the same goal post rather than opposite.  We spend most of our lives at work thinking about it.  Starting from a young age, fired by boundless energy and optimism, we launch into our careers sure of our abilities.  Yet, things do not always turn out as we expect they would.  It is not our abilities alone.  The business environment is one of change and ambiguity.  It is no easy task for any manager to negotiate the journey to success.  Above all with your direct boss and organization, are more important than ever before.  Not only that, a good boss has an instinct for the right people, and getting them to do better. A good manager, by eliciting his help, helps himself.

Few people are better qualified to guide on this journey than R. Gopalakrishnan.  He brings 45 years of experience to this subject in some of the most challenging jobs.  In this immensely practical book informed by the wisdom he has gleaned over the years, he offers the reader the benefit of all he has learnt, summarized in the 4 As that is ACCOMPLISHMENT, AFFABILITY, ADVOCACY AND AUTHENTICITY.  This is a book that will be of immense use to any manager, and one that just might bring him or her the answers it takes years to find.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  R. Gopalakrishnan has worked for 45 years as a manager, 31 years at Hindustan Unilever and 14 years at Tata.  Currently, he is a director at Tata Sons, the chairman of Tata AutoComp Systems, Rallis India and Metahelix Life Sciences, and vice-chairman of Tata Chemicals.  He also serves as a director for Tata Power and Tata Technologies.  His earlier books, The Case of the Bonsai Manager and When the Penny Drops: Learning What is Not Taught, with Penguin India were very successful.

MY TAKE:  Mr. Gopalkrishnan is a Manager in the classic mould.  Now at the highest level with Tata, he has solid MNC experience and a keen understanding of what works in India.  Inheriting the best of traditions, he has built on tried and tested management philosophies to evolve a successful approach to the complexities of modern management in India.  This is a book that will benefit every practicing manager and student of management.  Every word rings true and the advise is practical and usable.  The book is an easy read and there are many illustrations which make concepts clear.  A great investment for those seeking to move up the corporate ladder and a delightful read for those perched at all levels of the corporate hierarchy.  In a broader sense I would even state that it is a must read for Indians in understanding the Indian scenario and this book will help in guiding you in your career.  This book has lots of mini case studies to help you understand the situation and how it fits your requirement and understanding.



AUTHOR:  R. Gopalakrishnan.

PUBLISHER:  Collins Business

LANGUAGE:  English


PRICE:  Rs. 399

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