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He may not be in the league of the greatest in the game but this stylish southpaw could also not be ruled out as one of the finest player who is a treat to watch.  He could be best described as a fiery batsman, deceptive bowler, and a brilliant fielder.   Yuvraj has been in the news for his remarkable skills with bat and ball on this field and his glamorous lifestyle off the field.  More recently, for his courageous battle against a life-threatening illness.  He was the major key in bringing the world cup for the second time in 2011 in our country in fact he was the man of the tournament.

In this first ever account of its kind, veteran journalist and cricket administrator Makarand Wagainkar, who has known Yuvraj practically since the day he was born, recalls the rise of the young cricketer, his early years, the tremendous highs and depressing lows in his turbulent career.  With inputs from Yuvraj's parents, his friends, peers and senior players, and written with a rare insight and affection for his subject, this is an eminently readable account of a young cricketer's life, from the earliest days to his triumphant crowning as the World Cup champion in 2011.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Makarand Waingankar is one of India’s most widely read cricket columnists, best known for blending meticulous research with his own experience of a life lived on the cricket fields of India.  Journalist, columnist, researcher, talent-spotter and administrator, he wears a multitude of hats, each of which fits snugly on his head.  He launched the Talent Resource Development Wing on behalf of the BCCI in 2002 and the TRDW has since been responsible for taking many small town players to the national stage, including current India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.  In fact, seven such players were part of the 2011 World Cup winning team. Makarand has also been CEO of Baroda Cricket Association and Consultant to Karnataka State Cricket Association’s academy.

MY TAKE:  The book ‘Yuvi’ by senior cricket writer Makarand Waingankar provides an engaging account of Yuvraj’s incredible journey.  Cricket is Yuvraj’s canvas and the willow his brush.  Waingankar manages to capture the essence, the colourfulness of Yuvraj’s batsmanship.  It also throws light on the technical aspect as to why an individual with loads of talent could not make him self worthy on the longer version of the game.  The combative spirit in Yuvraj shines through as we turn the pages.  The young man peered through a seemingly endless tunnel of darkness when diagnosed with the cancer of the lung but came through the ordeal.  His strength of mind surfaced when Yuvraj, in a central role, fought through the barrier of pain through India’s victorious campaign in the World Cup, 2011.  It could be truly said that a fighter is made out of circumstances and Yuvraj Singh is one such fighter.  All in all, it is a concise book written on one of the star of Indian cricket with a close brush on his career aspect and worth reading and motivating.



PUBLISHER:  Harper Sport

AUTHOR:  Makarand Waingankar

LANGUAGE:  English

NO. OF PAGES:  180

PRICE:  Rs. 199

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