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The name Kiran Bedi, does not need an introduction.  She is figure who still is highly looked upon.  She was voted as India's most admired woman by The Week in 2002 and MSN in 2011.  She was also felicitated as most trusted woman by Readers Digest in 2010.  Kiran Bedi has won many accolades including the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award.  She is an inspiration in herself and a book written by her could be worth a tool for motivation for a change.  She is India’s first and highest ranked woman officer in the Indian Police Service who pioneered a Gandhian model of policing marked by utmost devotion to duty, innovation, compassion and, above all, willpower.

In this book, Kiran Bedi enthuses, motivates and inspires today’s youngsters to clearly chalk out and achieve their goals and objectives without fear and without being overwhelmed by circumstances, however adverse they may be.  She emphasizes the fact that qualities such as honesty, dedication, diligence and commitment to one’s profession are vital if one wants to succeed in life.  She also drives home the point that there are no short cuts to success.  Her own track record as highlighted in this book provides various examples of how she converted challenges into opportunities and how she refused to buckle under pressure from some of the most influential people in the corridors of power.  She also quoted it with examples for instance when she was in charge of traffic in Delhi in the early 1980s, she forcefully defended her colleague who towed away Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s car for wrong parking and was facing flak from the top brass.  Also in 1986, members of the legal profession in Delhi and elsewhere demanded that she be dismissed for again backing her colleague for doing his duty sincerely as he had arrested and handcuffed a lawyer suspected of theft.  She fought back with grit and determination to clear her name and maintain her credibility.  The most notable one was that when she dumped in Tihar Jail in New Delhi in May 1993.  She transformed this virtual hellhole into an ashram, where the inmates discovered new and meaningful ways of leading their lives by giving up their erstwhile criminal activities.  She also set up an institution to take care of the prisoners’ families.  She has led from the front all along and has faced all obstacles head on.  In this volume, she has added a highly relevant chapter on the empowerment of women to explain how, in several situations of their own making, even educated women disempowered themselves.  This is a special and exclusive edition for the new generation

Throughout her career, Kiran Bedi dared to remain creative to meet the challenges posed by her various assignments be it policing, managing prisons or empowering communities through her two non profit organizations.  She won the admiration and respect of millions, both outside and within the country.  But all along, she faced obstacles placed by powerful vested interests.  She emerged stronger after each ordeal.  She is a field person, who thinks on her feet and uses her heart magnanimously and her head judiciously.   After seeking voluntarily retirement from her service in December 2007, she dedicated herself totally to several people's causes including the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare.  She hosted a much acclaimed television show called Aap Ki Kachehri which helped individuals and families get a fair resolution to their problems and disputes.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Kiran Bedi is an author, columnist, a speaker and a radio show host.  There is an internationally appreciated biopic on her life entitled Yes, Madam Sir.  In this volume, she has added an exclusive chapter on the empowerment of women an important issue today to explain how, in several situations of their own making, even educated women disempower themselves.  This is a special edition, for the new generation of Kiran Bedis bestselling and longest running autobiography I Dare!

MY TAKE:  Definitely, a must read.  I find this book written in a very lucid manner with practical outputs from a person who sets example from her life.  Her integrity and sincerity is unparalleled.  So go for it, read and inculcate for better.



AUTHOR:  Kiran Bedi

PUBLISHER:  Hay House India

LANGUAGE:  English


PRICE:  Rs. 299

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