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Satyajit Ray, the name itself does not need an introduction.  He created a niche for himself with his vision for cinema.  He not only took Bengali cinema but also Indian Cinema to a new peak.  The world was familiar with his professional work but this time with this book we could get an insight into the personal side of life of this famous filmmaker.

The best thing that could be said in excerpt is that it is curious to come across a life so rich in speckled experiences as the one that Bijoya Ray, wife and constant companion to the renowned film maker Satyajit Ray has lived.  Satyajit was better known as Manik to his friends and family.  Bijoya fell in love and embarked on a life together years before Ray’s groundbreaking film Pather Panchali was made, and their long, happy married life lasted right until Ray’s death in 1992.  Bijoya Ray never felt the urge to write her memoirs, but was finally persuaded to pick up the pen when she was well into her eighties.  Manik and I brim over with hitherto unknown stories of her life with Satyajit Ray, told in candid and flamboyant detail.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Bijoya Ray was born in October 1917 in Patna and was the daughter of the noted barrister Charuchandra Das and Madhuri Devi.  After her father’s death in 1931, Bijoya was brought up in her uncle’s joint family in Calcutta.  She took lessons in music from her aunt, and mastered Rabindra Sangeet, and Indian classical and semi-classical music.  After graduating in English, she appeared in a film based on Tagore’s Seshraksha, and later Rajani and Mashal in Bombay.  She married Satyajit Ray in 1948.  She is a committed social worker at Mother Teresa’s ‘Nirmal Hriday.  Bijoya lives in Calcutta with her son, noted film-maker Sandip, daughter-in-law and grandson.

Indrani Majumdar lives in Delhi but has her roots firmly based in Bengali culture.  Her bilingualism has helped her career as she has translated Bengali texts into English and vice versa.  A keen researcher, her vocation in life has been to explore the various facets of Satyajit Ray’s work.  At present, she works with the Programme Office, India International Centre, Delhi.

MY TAKE:  If you are an ardent fan of work done by Satyajit Ray, there is no reason you could have missed out, but also if an avid reader this also comes as a refreshing journey of moments of this great filmmaker.  It also gives us a peep into the heart side of this talented and genius filmmaker. The interest element is throughout present and keeps the curiosity level at a high.  Presentation and detailing also creates a descent impression.  Do have a go maybe this time the filmmaker may create an impression with his personal side of life.  Happy reading…!



BOOK:  Manik and I: My Life with Satyajit Ray

AUTHOR:  Bijoya Ray, Indrani Majumdar



LANGUAGE:  English

PRICE:  Rs. 699

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