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The Test of My Life could be described best as a memoir of the dashing Indian team Cricketer, Yuvraj Singh, while he was fighting his tribulation with Cancer.  The book is all about Cricket, Cancer and back to Cricket again.  It talks about the indestructible love that Yuvraj has for Cricket that even a terrifying disease like Cancer did not stop him from playing in the World Cup in 2011.  The book is written with blatant honesty and the anxieties experienced by Yuvraj before and while going through the Chemotherapy.  He asks his doctor before the therapy about his anxieties such as will he be able to father a child in the future or if he could maybe preserve his sperm before the treatment initiates.  The Test of My Life bares the terrible loneliness that he felt staring out the window in Indianapolis during his treatment.

The Test of My Life is a dour prompt of how even those who seemingly have it all, adulation, fame and celebrity  are as susceptible, if not more than us everyday people to being betrayed by those they invest faith in.  Yuvraj joyfully describes discovering the devotion and affection of new friends, at times virtual strangers who partner him in the fight. And the back-stabbing of those he implicitly trusts, a doctor friend who refuses to concede his treatment wasn't helping and spills confidential information to a voyeuristic media and a trusted journalist who peddles his access to Yuvraj for a day of sensational headlines.  Yuvraj chooses the higher road despite the rage he experiences and focuses instead on the lessons learnt.

It isn't just with his battle against cancer that Yuvraj is brutally honest about.  His difficult relationship with a father driven by the obsession to make his son into a successful cricketer is a theme the book returns to repeatedly.  Yograj is a man of ambition and Yuvraj is his vehicle.  So the young boy's love for skating is disdainfully quelled, he is driven relentlessly to train on cold winter mornings and screamed at for failing in games.  If his father is a tyrant who shapes his career, his mother Shabnam is Yuvraj's companion, friend and indulging parent. Yuvraj acknowledges her role with genuine warmth through the book. Writing touchingly in one of the opening pages, 'Someone said rightly, God can't be everywhere so he made mothers. I can tell you I saw that'.  Shabnam is a young mother to not just Yuvraj but also his little brother Zoravar. When things fall apart in her marriage with Yograj, the boys become her whole life.  The Test of her son's life is Shabnam's too and as you flip the pages her singular dedication to Yuvraj's recovery leaves you moist eyed. When Yuvraj recovers, he triumphs and so does Shabnam.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Yuvraj Singh is an Indian Cricketer who soon became a youth icon of India.  He is the son of the former Indian fast bowler and Punjabi movie star Yograj Singh and his wife Shabnam.  He is a member of the Indian Cricket Team since 12 years.  He shot to fame with his remarkable six sixes in one over against England's Stuart Broad in 2007 World Twenty 20 tournament, which also begged him the tile of the Man of Tournament in the 2011 Cricket World Cup. 

The Test of My Life is his debut book revealing his anxieties, fear and torments that he suffered when he was diagnosed with germ cell cancer in the 2011. The book specifically focuses on his life and treatment of Chemotherapy that he undertook in the US and which resulted into his triumphant recovery. Post-recovery he has launched a cancer Charity for raising awareness and helping the people who are suffering from this fatal disease. In the year 2012, Yuvraj Singh was conferred with Arjuna Award by the president Pranab Mukherjee.

My TAKE:  The Test of My Life is a book about a yet another triumph of a person over Cancer.  It is a book that will inspire the generation to come.  It is about the human will to fight against all odds and emerge out of it triumphantly and what could be more inspiring than a real life story of a star Indian Cricketer of this era.



TITLE:                  The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back

PUBLISHER:       Ebury Press

AUTHOR:            Yuvraj Singh, Sharda Ugra, Nishant Jeet Arora

LANGUAGE:      English

NO. OF PAGES:  216

PRICE:                 Rs. 399

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