Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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All Government employees of today will be pensioners of tomorrow unless they die in harness. Then why do they harass, torture and torment the retired personnel, knowing full well that tomorrow they will have to pass through the same process? Why do they inflict torture on them by ignoring their cases, delaying their work, making them run repeatedly on one pretext or the other?

These men in service, who torture the elderly, knowing full well that making them run about in this hot weather or even otherwise could damage their health, should feel grossly ashamed of themselves for shabbily treating the retired, some of whom may be in the age groups of their fathers if not grand fathers . In case they expect Suvidha Shulk from them before doing their work then I won’t be surprised if people refer to such thankless people too by saying, ‘Yeh to apne baap tak ke nahin hote’.These cruel men deserve no mercy.
And in this connection Commissioner Dr Ashish Kumar Goyal, deserves a big salute for coming down heavily on officials found guilty of such delays. The Divisional Pension Adalat, which the Commissioner was conducting, came as a boon for the tormented lot. Dr Goyal first took up 16 of the pending cases, brought forward from the previous Adalat proceedings and disposed of 12 immediately. Out of the 37 fresh complaints 26 were promptly redressed including 18 pertaining to the pensioners of the Tubewell Division
How the retired people are harassed would be clear from two instances I am tempted to quote. In one case, a retired attendant of a degree college, complained that the college management and pension officers had not given him pension till date. Dr Goyal directed the treasury to stop the financial aid provided to the college with immediate effect. Likewise a retired pump operator of a Panchayat complained that despite no income-tax liability, his pension amount had been reduced in the name of income-tax deduction. Dr Goyal ordered adverse entry into the service record of the executive officer concerned and gave instructions for the refund of the deducted amount to the complainant by taking necessary steps at the earliest. Such result-oriented Adalats will be regarded as boons by the people.

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