Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Vice Chancellor Hangloo has accepted a very legitimate and fair demand of the students who have demanded that for delegacy students staying in lodges there should be a ceiling on the rent to be charged. Right now the lodge owners arbitrarily hike the rates at will and sometimes, force students out of the rooms without giving them proper notice. They have been instantly hiking the rent sometimes at sky-rocketing pace.

I don’t know what the committee will decide. But if the Rent Control Act is enforced on these lodges they may stop renting them out and let them out to those tenants who are willing to pay the higher rent.
Since these students too are a responsibility of the University, they cannot be left in the lurch. The Central University will have to consider the feasibility of subsidizing the rent of the students living in these lodges. Only then can some sort of a solution might work.
It is also good to see that Vice Chancellor Hangloo has been going round hostels after they were vacated to see the dilapidated conditions staring at him in some places. How these can be streamlined in keeping with the modern requirements will be keenly watched.
But the Vice Chancellor has done the correct thing by ordering the installation of CCTV cameras at the entry gates of all hostels.It should, however, be ensured that no one is able to make them dysfunctional either by damaging them or removing them or disconnecting them. They must be kept safely away from the harm’s way, if I may say so.

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