Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Something will also have to be done about the massive crowding of cars in front of school gates, each car occupant wanting to lift their child first. But in the process all are losers and none is a gainer. The police and school authorities will have to evolve some strategy to overcome this simultaneous invasion of cars near the school gates and thereby clogging all traffic movement.

The traffic authorities should consider the feasibility of not permitting any guardians’ cars near the school. Declare these areas to be vehicle-free zones. Let a parking slot be made for them a crossing away. They should park their cars in an orderly manner to ensure normal movement of the vehicles in transit. Let the guardians walk up to the school and pick up their ward. A little bit of walking will only make the child stronger. But if the parents do not have the heart to see their child walk all that distance to the car, let them carry an attendant who may pick up the child and bring it to the car parked at some distance. If rush of parents car is banned it would go a long way to promote smooth flow of traffic. At least the road would not be jammed.
Principals and police officers should together meet parents and stress upon them the need for sharing their vehicles by turns with children staying in the same locality. If houses of four or five children are located close to one another’s dwellings and parents share the vehicles by turn it would mean not five cars will be carrying five children but one car will be carrying five, Apart from reducing rush, this method will also save petrol . Some such economy measures should be evolved till such time as will ensure easy movement of any number of vehicles on our roads. Right now that is not possible.

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