Saturday, February 17, 2018
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There was a time when Civil Lines used to be safe round the clock. Even a child could go out on an urgent mission without being robbed or kidnapped. But these days one cannot guarantee anyone’s safety at all. The other day Gopal Bhagat, a senior manager in a mobile company, had arrived from Lucknow by train and was moving in a rickshaw towards a hotel on MG Marg round 11 pm when , on the portion of the road facing Coffee House , three young men came on a bike, halted his rickshaw and while one pointed the gun at him the others took away his two bags and fled. One of his bags contained his laptop, about Rs30,000 , a watch and a phone. The other bag contained his clothes, Rs2000 in cash, credit card and some other items. Obviously there was no police man around.

The crooks must have surveyed the area and were told by accomplices that the line was clear.
Most of the mysteries in respect of highway robberies have remained unsolved. This could be happening either because the highway desperadoes are too active to be trapped or they could be in league with the dishonest elements among the cops with whom they could be sharing the loot.
I often see the police van taking rounds of different roads in Civil Lines. Sometimes they even halt near girls institutions. But as soon as they move forward, the anti-social elements, waiting in the bushes to see them pass through, pounce upon them. We must pick up the cudgels on behalf of the tortured and the tormented,
Patrolling on foot is most essential to minimize highway robberies In the years gone by, night patrolling was a must. In the evening policemen mounted on horsebacks would gallop through Civil, Lines and that used to keep the criminals nailed down. But alas! That was only once upon a time…long, long ago… !

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