Sunday, February 18, 2018
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It is unbelievable but true. A report says that 43 CCTV cameras(including nine around High Court) which were installed at important crossings of the city two years ago have not been functioning for the last several months . They are lying unrepaired because no funds have been available for the last 10 months. These cameras have the capacity to record a vision a kilometer away. That makes the High Court vulnerable to the designs of the criminals.

It may be pertinent to ask: How is it that these cameras went out of order in less than even two years? Was there no guarantee period from the manufacturers? Or were these cameras deliberately made non-functional by the criminal-cop nexus to avoid detection? This is a point worth probing. If CCTV cameras have such a short life, why hasn’t the issue been raised with the manufacturers? Why did no report appear in newspapers? Why didn’t the policemen themselves raise a hue and cry? There is something fishy which must be probed to the hilt.

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