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Enforce safety norms ordered by Ashish Goyal as DM Allahabad in 2007(3 lines)
A report from Kanpur says that in Sarsoil area of Maharajpur, there was a big blast on Wednesday afternoon in an illegal cracker-manufacturing factory located in the densely populated region in a double-storey house of one Raghunath alias Babu Singh.

Two young men(including Babu Singh’s son) met with ghastly death, five houses were reduced to rubble and five persons, including women and children had to be rescued by ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) jawans and others from under the debris.So devastating was the blast that window panes of houses nearby broke into splinters.
It is common knowledge that during the Dussehra-Diwali period, such illegal cracker manufacturing factories spring up in different cities, especially in densely populated areas. In Allahabad too such factories could be carrying on their illegal work. The administration will have to be extra alert to track such law-breakers before a Kanpur-like tragedy strikes the city.
I am tempted to reproduce the precautionary directives which were issued by Mr Ashish Goyal when he was District Magistrate of Allahabad in October 2007. Those directives are as relevant today as 10 years ago. Ashish Goyal had then ordered that crackers would not be permitted to be blasted after 10 p.m. What is more he had also banned the manufacture of high-sounding crackers and also warned that those manufacturing and selling them will be punished. He ordered that cracker sellers should put their stalls outside the densely populated areas and that there should be considerable gap between two shops. Dr Goyal had also ordered that all cracker godowns would be outside the city.But I had then raised an important question: What about the illegal manufacturers whose units are located in hidden places in the heart of the city and whose presence comes to light only when there is a major explosion ? As I mentioned then, the bitter truth of the matter probably is that there are more illegal manufacturers than the licensed ones. They are at an advantage. They don’t have to pay any license fee and they don’t care a bang about the curbs on high-sounding crackers.

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