Sunday, February 18, 2018
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The cops in some cases are allegedly in league with illegal cracker manufacturers. Insiders say why should such cops report against them when this is the time they make tons of money through illegal gratification from these illegal units ? How can they allow the hen laying golden eggs to be slaughtered ?

I said it then and will repeat that if the authorities want to know the reality, the administration will have to send its intelligence staff into the interior in the guise of bulk purchasers of crackers. It is only then that they may be able to trap the big fish of the underworld behind the manufacture of illegal crackers.
When someone asks a cop as to why, despite the ban ,high-sounding crackers are being blasted, the prompt reply one might get from seasoned crooks is that these crackers have been smuggled from other cities where no ban is in force(Same argument as given by Health officers that no malaria-dengue case has been reported in the city and that all the patients are from outside). Why were they allowed to be smuggled ? No answer.
And as regards ban on blasting of crackers after 10 p.m. this will be even more difficult to enforce because the cops will say that it is almost impossible to trace the source from where the crackers are being blasted. Actually when some cops are in league with illegal cracker manufacturers it is very difficult to nab the defaulters. I need hardly remind readers that in spite of the ban imposed on the playing of loudspeakers after 10 pm , their noise is heard the whole night. In the case of crackers it might not be possible to track the source. But in the case of loudspeakers that excuse cannot be doled out for the simple reason that the speakers are visible , tied on roadside poles and can easily be tracked. Even then they were not stopped through out the Dussehra. If there is defiance of law, it is because the law enforcers are themselves the law breakers. What can the senior officers do? They know that extortions from truck drivers are taking place openly, blatantly. But have they been able to stop these in spite of the DGP’s firm orders that no corrupt police man should be spared ?

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