Sunday, February 18, 2018
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SSP Kulkarni as well as ‘Captains’ all over the state have been asked by DGP Sulkhan Singh to make a list of all the cracker dons who have been notorious for indulging in the illegal manufacture of crackers, and to keep a vigilant eye on their activities. If found indulging in the same illegal tricks again, they must be subjected to severe action. This directive has also been sent to the concerned officers of the Railways and Fire Service department.

The DGP has also instructed that the matter should not be taken lightly and that as and when explosives –illegally hoarded—are discovered from any household, the inquiry should not be left in the hands of a constable but that a senior official of the rank of at least a CO should go for an on- the-spot inspection.
Mr Sulkhan Singh has ordered that immediate campaign should be started to organize surprise raids at the suspected centres for a thorough , threadbare inspection so as to leave no chance for the mafia dons to hide the explosives in some secret place. The DGP would be doing an additional favour if he were to entrust someone in his office to follow up this directive with reminders as also to solicit information about the number of raids conducted.
Some of these dons are very clever. They have not put all their eggs in the same basket. They have presumably spread their explosive material not in one but in several godowns located in different parts of the same city. One of these could be a dummy godown in which nothing illegal might be found. But the clandestine stuff could be housed in other hidden places.

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