Sunday, February 18, 2018
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As is well known, some men in uniform are in league with these notorious characters. The dons could be paying them regular ‘Hafta’ to look the other way when they are pursuing their corrupt goals. If they report that there is no Cracker Don in their area, how will the senior authorities satisfy themselves that the constable is speaking the truth?

The biggest threat is from the smuggled crackers that are brought in from other states. These crackers command bigger price because of the high-velocity sound of the explosives. In some cases their consignments could be coming in trains though the general view is that the clandestine goods are smuggled through road transport.
If the higher authorities wish to break into this racket then they must depute a senior officer who, having no axe to grind, will not allow a single truck or taxi to pass without subjecting it to rigorous checks. Since big money is involved, the raiding party should not face the risk of being outnumbered by those who usually proceed with goods of huge quantity well armed with men and material to ensure that there is no obstacle on the way. I may warn on the basis of the reports I have read in the past that these smugglers of explosives take no chances. They are ruthless, hard-core criminals who would not hesitate to shoot their adversary point blank if he gets too tough with the smugglers. These raids should be conducted on a big scale. Only then will they evoke fear and have some deterrent impact.

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