Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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The traffic cops do draw up a plane under which they go about advising the general public to follow traffic rules while driving/riding and parking.. Some of them even visit schools and colleges to drill into the minds of the students the need for riding and driving with the utmost caution.

They are asked to put on helmets when riding a two-wheeler and car belts on a four-wheeled vehicle. This function can easily be performed by the teachers themselves. In fact the authorities framing school curricula should make it compulsory for all institutions to have fixed number of periods per week to teach traffic laws to the class.
I am making this suggestion so that the cops, who visit these schools, may be spared and, instead, asked to hold separate classes for truck drivers, tempo drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers and so on. It is they who need to be advised, alerted, goaded, coached and enlightened on the driving norms they should follow and also warned against overloading of vehicles or driving under the influence of liquor. The drivers are hardly subjected to any such vigorous training by the Traffic police. Why? A malicious critic said, ‘The cops prefer to go to schools where they get a chance to gossip with attractive lady teachers, enjoy the hospitality of the Principals who serve them lavish refreshments plus tea/coffee in their air-conditioned chambers. Why should they lecture to tempo drivers in the open and bear the brunt of the stinging weather without a gifted cold drink to quench their thirst?
That may be a malicious comment. But it cannot be denied that it is laxity on behalf of the enforcement authority that has caused this utter indiscipline among vehicle users.

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