Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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The Sunday newspapers carried a notice from the waterworks authorities that as water pipeline was being shifted near the under-construction flyover site on Kanpur Road, several localities, including Civil Lines, would have to go without water supply from 10am on Sunday till Monday evening.

This created quite some panic. And, as was to be expected, people started storing maximum water by filling every can, every bucket, every tub, every tank.
But to the utter surprise-- a very pleasant surprise at that-- of many residents of the warned areas, their taps were gushing out water as usual that very evening and the next morning as well.’How is it that water supply has not been cut?’ I was asked. My reply was simple and short: “…because our supply does not come from Khusraubagh waterworks. We are getting water from tube-well. And since we are living in close proximity to the tubewell, with no road portion dug up, we have been getting normal supply.’ To my mind, that appears to be the sole reason for water supply in many areas continuing as normal.
The Water authorities should have announced clearly that supply from tubewell will not be affected. In the past, to ensure that every word of the notification is published, the Jal Sansthan authority used to specifically mention the minor-most detail and release a chart in the form of advertisements to all newspapers. Had this been done and mention made that the restriction would not apply to tube-well supply, a large segment of the population would have escaped going in for panicky storage of water. But I feel that it is always better to err on the side of caution.

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