Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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In the last pre-recorded episode of ‘Meri sangeet yatra’ in ‘Sangeet Sarita’ programme of Vividh Bharati on Monday, the late Girija Devi revealed that she loved cooking and extending hospitality to others while enjoying the delicacies served by friends. She said this in reply to a question as to whether she refrained from consuming certain items to keep her throat fit. She said, ‘No restrictions. I loved chaat, gol-gappas, enjoyed sweets, ras malai, choorra-mattar’. She revealed that she relished entering the kitchen to personally prepare such items for herself and for others..

Girija Devi, while referring to classical trends in South Indian music, presented a dadra in the southern mould , revealing that ‘the lyrics were composed by me too’, And then she sang her own composition: ‘Awan keh gayo, bhejo na sandesva…bhool gae Shyam mori atariva; Tum bin neend na aye sanwariya, tarpun jaise jal bin machalia: Loklaaj ke dar se na bolun, waada kiya hai, boli gujaria…Awan keh gayo, bhejo na sandesva…’ She also sang a bhajan of Surdas, ‘Mere Girdharji se kaahe larri…’ On the whole it was a delightful musical series and Vividh Bharati deserves kudos for preserving the old recordings of masters, the CDs of which are now on sale directly by Vividh Bharati

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