Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Mr Justice Vipin Sinha and Mr Justice J.J.Munir of Allahabad High Court is perturbed by the working style of Allahabad police. The court has also observed the failure of the Dhoomanganj and Khuldabad police to recover an abducted girl and taken a serious note of the complaint of Wasim Fatima who says that she was driven from one thana to the other and was even called insane by the cops.

In view of the serious nature of the charges made, the Court has directed IG(Law and Order) to camp in Allahabad for three days --in Dhoomanganj Thana on December 7 and in Khuldabad thana on December 8 . The public should be informed through media publicity. They have been assigned the task of noting down public complaints about children who have been missing since January 2015 till date. The task includes noting down complaints which were recorded and also those which were not recorded. Their Lordships want the details to be produced before the Court on December 14 . The Court has also directed that a copy of the data be placed before the DGP for his perusal and monitoring as well.
On the third day—December 9—the IG will listen to complaints AGAINST the police and its high-handedness. The Hon’abe judges has stated that no one should be stopped from lodging their complaints against the police. The SSP has also been directed to stay with the IG and assist him in the recording of the complaints. This is indeed a landmark directive and should gladden the heart of those who will now feel that they too will get a chance to be heard. It is normal to hear complaints about people driven away from the police station. Even if their complaints are noted, the sections are toned down to help the criminals. The IG has been directed to place these complaints too before the Bench.
This should have an electrifying impact on the situation—an impact for the better

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