Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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The other day I read in the papers an item stating that the Traffic cops interacted with boys of an English medium school, teaching them to abide by traffic rules and so on. Let me tell the Traffic officer that the boys know the rules. In fact they can even teach the cops a rule or two. They will listen to you, giving you an impression that they have benefited by your instructions.

But they are playing the fool with you. They are humoring you by pretending to learn something about which they know nothing. The cops go away satisfied. That is the blunder they are committing. The blunder in having wasted their time over them. Let me tell him that boys will be boys. No matter how much you tell them to do this, that or the other, they will nod assent but do what they want to. Have they stopped raising their speed near girls’ institutions? Have they stopped showing those circus-like acrobatics on the bike despite your having drilled into their mind not to do so? Have they stopped riding three? Have they started wearing helmets? Have they stopped talking on the mobile phones while driving? Union Minister Gadkari is appealing daily on All India Radio to the people not to use their mobiles while riding or driving. Don’t the people know that it is dangerous to do so? But have they abided by the minister’s advice? And have the boys cared to listen to the cops or even their elders? They need to be checked if not punished at every step—not just students but even adults. And not just common citizens but also policemen who can be seen riding three on a two wheeler and also not wearing helmets, if not using mobiles too.. I am sure they have been instructed umpteen times to abide by traffic laws. Boys can be forgiven. But can they be excused?
I repeat, students don’t need lectures from publicity-hunting cops. Moreover, what they need is not occasional instructions from time to time but regular surveillance. That is why the traffic cops were constituted. If mere instructions would do the trick—and succeed-- would there be any need for men in uniform? The police would be disbanded and so much of expenditure on their wages would have been saved.

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