Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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So far as door-to-door lifting of garbage is concerned the Mayor was given wrong information by the officials of the Hari Bhari agency. They told her that garbage was being lifted in 65 wards for which 155 rickshaws and 48 Tata S had been pressed into service.

But when she sought details from Mr Rajeev Rathi, the engineer concerned, he told her that the agency was working only in 12 wards.
The Agency had been entrusted with the task of lifting garbage from 15 dumping spots. But on inspection the Mayor found garbage not lifted at several places including those at Hindi Sahaitya Sammelan, Panchmukhi Mahadev, Leader Road.The Mayor has ordered that things be set right within five days. Annoyed with the working of the garbage lifting agency, she has, in a telephonic directive, asked the Municipal Commissioner Harikesh Chaurasia, to serve an ultimatum to the garbage lifting agency that if, within five days, the company does not take corrective measures a penalty of Rs10 crores will be imposed upon them, their contract cancelled and the firm be blacklisted.
The Mayor, who took a round of the city, found several dumping points overflowing with garbage. Only recently the President and the Chief Minister were in the city. She as the Mayor must have felt embarrassed by the unhappy state of civic affairs. In her first tenure as Mayor, despite her best intentions and efforts she was unable to work as effectively as she wanted to because she belonged to a party different from the party running the state. But this time Abhilasha has three things in her favour —her experience of five years during which she has seen the working of the civic administration from close quarters and is aware of the loopholes that are to be plugged. Secondly, she belongs to the same party which is in power in the State and the Centre; and thirdly, the Chief Minister himself is very keen on giving a facelift to Allahabad and turn it smart before the Kumbh Mela of 2019.

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