Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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On several occasions in the recent past, Allahabad University Vice Chancellor R.L.Hangloo had said boldly and bluntly that he was not afraid of any inquiry and that any probe would boomerang on the accusers.

This is precisely what has happened. The team, constituted by the University Grants Commission (UGC), at the behest of the HRD Ministry in the wake of several complaints against the university administration, visited the campus for three days, from November 13 to 15. It comprised experts from Bengaluru,Manipur,, Kolkota, Sambalpur and JNU and a retired bureaucrat. They have exonerated the VC. On the contrary the audit report observes that there is a deliberate attempt by a group of “activist retired professors” to disrupt the Vice Chancellor’s work.
The government-backed audit of the central institution has said that Allahabad University is in a “deplorable” state, and highlighted funds crunch, internal politics and excessive litigation as some of the reasons why the Oxford of the East is on the brink of becoming “unviable” and “unworkable”. The report states that AU is fighting over 300 cases in court. This is draining the institution’s time and resources. Many of these cases are due to shoddy framing of the university’s statutes and ordinances, which leave room for a variety of interpretations. The report says that there is a deliberate effort by a group of retired professors to slow down the work of the V-C. Hence, internal politics is also one of the ‘intractable’ problems’ that are ruining the University. The report says that there’s no vision or future roadmap for the institution and also highlights poor management in the university registrar’s office and finance office. The UGC report deplores the tendency to view all problems and issues on university campus as a law and order problem and dealt with accordingly. There should be no place for such an outlook in an academic institution. All that is fine. But has the report suggested any remedy? Why shouldn’t appropriate steps be suggested to neutralize the harmful impact of the role of the activist retired professors? Some of them could be using students as a tool to create chaos.
Since all VCs in the recent past have been subjected to blackmail and other coercive tactics by a section of the staff which neither teaches nor allows others to teach , shouldn’t the UGC post its own men—I preferably intelligence men-- on the campus to identify the culprits and take strong, deterrent action against them?

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