Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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They have come, are coming and will continue to come for the holy dip. This will go on for a month now. Some will come, some will go. Some will come back again. Today they are rushing the the Mela city for the Paush Purnima Bath. The biting cold, the cloudy, foggy weather, the polluted waters scare them not.

One can see this happening year after year when Faith triumphs over Fear.
But despite all assurances, all efforts, lofty plans no permanent solution has been found for water pollution. Way back on November 4, 2008— nearly 10 years ago—the Ganga was declared a National River by the then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh after a meeting and having discussion with the ministers for water resources, environment and forests and urban development, on how to bring the river back to life. We are still struggling to find an answer.
. Government changed hands. Prime Minister Modi also announced an ambitious plan to purify the Ganga with the then Minister in-charge Uma Bharati promising to do the needful by 2018.. She came and went but the Ganga continues to remain polluted. We will also be acting hosts to innumerable foreigners, some pilgrims, some tourists, some curious sight-seers who would be reaching here as our worthy guests. Will the pollution escape their critical eye? .
I read a nasty comment some years ago by a visitor who said that Ganga is a bacterial soup. But who has turned it into a bacterial soup ? Who has stabbed the Ganga in the back by not implementing honestly the various plans and projects right since the days of Rajiv Gandhi till now ? Wake up citizens, wake up countrymen , The Ganga is in the chains of pollution. Break the polluted shackles and once again let purity flow down the Himalayas in the form of a new, rejuvenated and pollution-free Ganga.

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