Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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So DGP Sulkhan Singh finally retired after a successful tenure as DGP. It was a pleasure to meet him on several occasions. The first impression I had of him was the last impression too—a good officer, a good friend, a good man.

O.P.Singh too enjoys the same reputation. And I was pleased to read that my old class-fellow in University, Prakash Singh, former DGP, has spoken highly of him and is hopeful that under O.P.Singh Uttar Pradesh will also take rapid strides towards improving the law and order situation in the State.
O.P.Singh was SSP Allahabad from May 1988 till May 1990.That was the time when I came to know him. And how? There was a meeting on Traffic problem organized by some organization in the auditorium of St Joseph’s college in which , among others, the then DM, Mr A.K.Mishra, was present and presiding over the seminar. I knew none. So I was sitting aloof at one end of the long table. I was introduced to none—as I reached the venue late and left early too—but I gave a very hard-hitting speech on traffic mismanagement in the city(though it was far, far better than what it is today). I came away. Next day, in the afternoon, when I was busy clearing the editorials in the Patrika office, Mr O.P.Singh was ushered in my room. He told me that he was not present at the Traffic meet and that the then DM had told him that I had made some valuable comments and that he should visit me and make a note of them. He had such a pleasant nature then. He listened keenly to all that I had to say. Thereafter we met frequently at similar functions off and on. He was subsequently posted here in different capacities and I may say that his sincerity and dedication towards his work could not be missed. He is expected to take charge today. The Patrika wishes him a successful tenure in his new post.

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