Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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An employee of the army workshop(Fort)Brijlal was standing outside his house in Sheokuti when two bulls started fighting. This bull- fight was disrupting traffic and creating scare among passersby. So Brijlal tried to drive them away by pelting them with stones.

This infuriated a third bull who attacked Brijlal, goring him quite badly. He had to be rushed to hospital with serious injuries. We hope that he gets well soon
From the incident, as reported in the press, it appears there were three bulls roaming about freely in a crowded place. It need hardly be stressed that bulls, let loose like this, become a menace to the safety of the road users . When their number is three, one may easily apprehend some such incident taking place.
What is the Nagar Nigam doing? Times without number they have been told to remove the stray cattle from the roads. Do they want someone to file a PIL in the court to request for the elimination of this danger?
Madam Mayor should intervene and take the Nagar Nigam to task for allowing the bull nuisance to continue unhampered.
Meanwhile the district administration will have to devote some attention to this crucial problem. Unless strong steps are taken against the stray animals loitering freely on our roads, how can Allahabad become a smart city? I think it would be in the fitness of things to request District Magistrate Suhas to issue strict orders to all concerned to take urgent steps

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