Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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The ‘Nakal Mafia’ has been exposed. Their infrastructure is crumbling like a house of cards. Lakhs of students, who were dependent on them to get through the Board examinations have fled from the examination centres, realizing that their future would be ruined if they are sent to jail.

They have preferred to lose the lakhs that were given in advance to the Nakal Mafia dons because , for one, the dons would not be returning a pie and , for another, the students, a part of the conspiracy, would not be spared either. But this matter cannot be ignored anymore. The UP Board of High School and Intermediate, after seeking approval from the State Government, should allow amnesty for the dropouts, provided they reveal the names of all those involved in the racket. It goes without saying that the chain could be a long one involving principals and teachers as well. The Amnesty should be extended to them too because there may be many Principals and teachers who might have been compelled at the point of gun to allow copying, cooperate in conducting the copying exercise on a big scale and surrender to the dictates of the mafia( protected by politicians) or be prepared to be implicated in false cases..
The matter has to be thoroughly probed but the truth won’t come out by condemning outright all those who were a part of the long chain of corruption that could ultimately be traced to those with powerful political links. Our education system has been rendered impotent because of the ‘Nakal Nasbandi’ of our intelligence veins resulting in a paralysis of the thinking machinery - the brain-- of the copycats reducing them to barren, frigid thinkers and incapable of producing an offspring in the form of research papers, theses or books.

A thorough and impartial probe should be ordered and those found guilty should be charged with murder-the murder of our examination system.

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