Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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The video of the brutal thrashing of a young man in full public view near the busy Laxmi Talkies crossing, with no cop around, has gone viral on the social media.

The other day I wrote in this very column that the UP police’s plan to make a three-minute short film to show that good policing actually exists in Uttar Pradesh will be negated by the adverse publicity that it is getting on the social media highlighting the acts of omission and commission by the police.
Nowhere was this more evident than in the case of the Laxmi Talkies incident which occurred barely 200 metres from the SSP’s office, No cop was around. The ‘Dial 100’ vans were supposed to be posted near all crossings. There was none around. Where had they disappeared?
What is still more deplorable, the friends of the victim as well as the hotel staff were repeatedly ringing up the ‘Dial 100’ emergency number. But there was no response from the other end. Why?
It was barely 9pm? Where were the cops and their vans? If they were on duty, why didn’t they respond? Were some of them busy boozing, had taken a drink too many and were not in a position to respond? The obvious inference one can draw from this is that the police, far from emerging as a friendly force, have become lazy, lethargic as well as shirkers. Unless senior police officers deal with the delinquents of the department with an iron hand, one cannot expect any improvement in the foreseeable future. Rather, the apprehension is that the situation may worsen because they have one pet excuse—shortage of manpower—to condone their ineffectiveness in some cases

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