Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Can Allahabad ever be a smart city without smart police to bring to book the extra smart criminals who have made life hell for the common, peace-loving people of the city? With the rapid rise in population, the number of criminals too has gone up.

And most of them are rather smart and can easily hoodwink the police because of their lazy and lethargic habits. One can see many of them going about with fat, bulging tummies. They can barely move. One wonders how they will chase a criminal if suddenly they have to do so. They will not be able to run even in self-defense.
In the past one of the senior police officers had said that those cops having bulging tummies will be given time to reduce their bulk within a specified people, failing which their increments would be delayed. What happened subsequently I don’t know. But I presume the cops must have used their clout with influential politicians to have the order rescinded or the officer transferred,
But this cannot go on. After the Laxmi Talkies incident, the administration must take strong steps to halt the rot. Resume the morning parades as used to be so some decades ago. I distinctly remember seeing rows of cops jogging if not marching on our main roads from police lines and back. The sports field used to be busy too. The newspapers had a special caption, ‘Police Sports’ to highlight the games played by the cops, the matches that they organized and the practice that they did to prepare themselves for a big competition. These day they are seen running only when they are trying to chase a trucker from whom they wish to extort suvidha shulk. Make the police active .Let them be seen on the roads with shapely figures and not with bulging tummies. A smart city will need smart police—not jokers !

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