Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Patna: A self-styled godman came out 'hale and hearty' after 15 days of 'Samadhi' from a 15 feet deep pit in Bihar's Madhepura district.

Pramod baba's devotees claim that their guru had taken Samadhi on February 28 at Bhatgama village under Chausa police station of the district.A pit 10 ft long, 10 ft wide and 15 ft deep was dug and the Baba was claimed to have taken Samadhi seated on a bed. The pit was then covered with a cloth and earth was put on top of it, they said.However, no one from the administration had seen Pramod baba take the Samadhi.


After the administration got the information the same day, several top officials along with a medical team rushed to the scene. But baba's devotees prevented them from disturbing their guru's 'sadhana'.

"Baba is safe. He has been seen by the doctor deputed by the district administration after he came out of his Samadhi today," Madhepura Superintendent of Police Vikas Kumar said on Sunday.






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