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This Diwali, the usual Chinese lights and crackers were boycotted by many Delhi shoppers, and stores stocked up on 'made in India' products. However, not many seem to be aware that soon after Diwali, it is Chinese trees and decorations that spread Christmas cheer in Delhi.

Shopkeepers in Sadar Bazar, the city's biggest wholesale market, will tell you that Chinese Christmas trees are of superior quality and are bought in bulk to be sold across NCR. No shopkeeper stocks up on India-made trees or other decorations. "The trees that are of poor quality, or look defective are the ones that are made in Delhi. They are kept as backup stock, in case we run out of Chinese maal. Since they are of inferior quality, they also cost less than the Chinese ones," says Sandeep Beri, a wholesale dealer at Sadar Bazar.
Delhi's Sadar Bazar sources trees from China and they are sent to all of NCR (BCCL)
"We can get locally made trees from Shahdara, but the supply is limited and so is the sale. The Chinese Christmas trees sell more and the demand comes from malls, corporate offices and hotels in Delhi and Gurgaon," says another shop owner. Most wholesalers get the Chinese stock right after Diwali from Guangzhou in China.
"We have an exporter who gets it from China, or we go to China and get the trees soon after Diwali. Demand from retailers start coming one-and-a-half months before Christmas. So far, our biggest order this season was for 400 Christmas trees. We get two kinds of trees from China - the basic plastic trees and the ones that look like pine trees. The latter is more expensive and sells mostly in Delhi. The small tabletop trees are sold at `60 per dozen, and we even have a 20ft tree costing Rs 3,600," says Sunny Chopra, a wholesaler in Sadar Bazar. The wholesalers tell us that there is also a 35ft tree, which is available only on special demand, and can cost around Rs 30,000.
There is a wide variety of trees available, from frosted to simple plastic ones to metallic trees (BCCL)
While orders for bigger trees (8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 17ft, 20ft or even 35ft) come in advance from malls and hotels, closer to the festival, sale of smaller trees (5ft and 6ft) picks up. "The smaller ones are for homes, and retailers keep buying them from us even close to Christmas Day, as their demand is the highest. The smallest tree available this season is 3ft tall, and costs Rs 100," says Sunny Mehra, another seller in the market.

The market also has more fancy trees with fairy lights, and the price starts from Rs 1,500. "They were available last year as well, but they are selling more this year and are good for gifting. We are getting big orders from posh markets like Khan Market, which is frequented by expats. We also have metallic silver and gold trees. The 4ft ones cost Rs1,500, the 5ft ones are for Rs1,800 and the 6ft ones are for Rs 2,000," says a seller at one of the shops.
The bigger Christmas trees are also available for rent. "Many offices in Gurgaon and Noida take trees on rent on a per day basis, and the rent depends on the size of the tree," says Beri.

Courtesy; TOI

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