Sunday, February 25, 2018
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illegal arms

Police claim that the young University lad who lost his life in a firing incident was shot at from close range by someone in a mob with a country-made weapon. The other day, two jawans were gunned down by a prostitute’s paramour with a licensed gun.  Licenses are issued to applicants on their plea for self-defence and not for shooting down others as happened in the Mirganj case. That license can be cancelled or action taken against the license holder. But what about the illegal arms that seem to have flooded the market? Why are people opting for them ? They say that these arms are easily procurable as no red tape is involved, no bribe is to be offered at every step and the supply is immediate.

There is another reason, and a fairly big one, which some people forward for the flourishing illicit arms trade. They say no police search party ever goes from house to house to hunt for  illegal arms. No one ever is seen going to the license holders to spy whether the gun is being actually used in self defence or for some sinister purpose. It is argued that if no one is going to raid their houses, why won’t this trade flourish? Everyone knows that those who possess these arms, and pay a heavy amount to procure them, couldn’t be having honourable intentions.
The point is: From where do these arms come? And how do they reach different destinations in the city? According to some,  goods carriers are used to transport illegal weapons. It is alleged that these weapons are placed in the truck right at the bottom and on these are loaded sacks full of other material- heavy material  . These trucks could be carrying building material as well—sand, stone chips etc. Who will ever suspect these trucks? And the cops are least bothered about the contents. All that the corrupt elements among them are interested in is the amount that the truck-man would gives them in the shape of Suvidha Shulk. These trucks can be seen going around all over the city before the break of dawn.
And for all that one knows, the garbage heaps on roadsides could be deliberately piled up for days because below them too explosives can be hidden. Haven’t we seen umpteen times how children playing near garbage heaps have found balls. When they have tried to play with them, they have blasted. But  for one or two that explode how do we know that there aren’t hundreds of others which do not blast but are carried away, as planned, by some garbage lifter after he gets the signal to go ahead? We have been warning that these garbage heaps are ideal places for hiding explosives and hence under no circumstances should they be allowed to stagnate on roadsides. But none seems to be bothered at all! In some cases the bombs were planted in garbage heaps in sensitive areas. What does that show? That the Nagar Nigam unknowingly has become an ally of the saboteurs!

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