Sunday, February 25, 2018
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meerganj prostitute

I  came across the statement of two important persons in the administration and got a jolt on reading that when asked why prostitutes are not being hounded out of Mirganj, they replied that more than cops there  was strong need for social awareness to curb this menace. If socially aware people start hounding them out, these very people would say that you have no right to take the law into your own hands. Let the law have its way. And when you ask them to enforce law, they say there should be social awareness. Fantastic!

Incidentally, it was pointed out that police do carry out raids in the red light areas. They also send the rescued girls to  shelter homes. But the police do not seal the premises from which the girls have been rescued. Why? If prostitution is banned by law and the premises are vacated, they should be sealed. The authorities take no time in sealing a mithai shop after a raid. But they don’t seal a brothel once it is vacated. Why?  So as to allow an unsealed brothel premises  to be once again used by the same pimps and madams to force fresh girls into prostitution? They may talk of legal implications. But don’t these implications arise when they seal a mithai shop or seal an unauthorised construction? The reason is that a Big and Dangerous Mafia is protecting these brothels. A good police officer knows that if he were to seal the premises he might be annoying the Red Light Mafia and, just like Durga Nagpal, who offended the sand mafia and was suspended, he too will face the axe. Durga has finally apologized and shown that she is no longer a Durga but is a mere Mrs D.Nagpal.

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