Thursday, January 18, 2018
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AU VC Mingled

Yesterday we celebrated the 126th year of  AU’s foundation. But in the past many get-togethers were held to highlight the glorious era of the University, when Vice Chancellors moved out of their chambers to be amidst the students. Here is an interesting incident narrated to me by former alumni Kunwae Saksena , retired Commissioner, Sales Tax who studied in the University when the Vice Chancellor B.N.Jha had just taken over.

He was staying in SSL Hostel and one of his hostel mates was Gopi Krishna Arora who subsequently scored second place in IAS and became an outstanding IAS officer of the country.  He and Gopi were class fellows in Kanpur. Kumwarji had already joined SSL when Gopi came—quite late, after the last date for admission had expired. But since Gopi had topped in the Inter examinations, as a special case he was admitted. He could have joined any hostel ‘but he preferred SSL because his Kanpur class-mates were there’. The new Vice Chancellor was B,N,Jha, retired Director of Education, UP Education Board, and perhaps the first who was not from AU’s teaching staff as used to be generally the practice followed. Kumwarji recalls: ‘That was the time when Col Tewari was the Proctor. He was very, very strict and as soon as students saw his car entering the campus or heard its wheezing noise they would make sure that they did not invite his wrath. Another gentleman was seated with when  the car entered the SSL Hostel campus. They came out of the car. Gopi, some others and I were standing close-by. The gentleman accompanying Col Tewari started doing the talking: ‘Well boys, tell me...’ and then followed some questions which the gentleman asked in a very friendly and cordial manner. Gopi intervened and told him, “But first you give us your introduction”. At that stage Col Tewari intercepted Gopi and told him: “Don’t you know him? He is your new Vice Chancellor, Mr B.N.Jha!”. Both Gopi and I were left flabbergasted’, recalls Kunwarji.
What he was trying to highlight was that it was through such friendly gestures that the Vice Chancellors would win over the hearts of the students who naturally held them in very high esteem. Rajan Harshe tried to do that.

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