Thursday, January 18, 2018
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water crises

The Jal Sansthan authorities should confess that they have failed to ensure even restricted water supply to the citizens of Allahabad. The other day there was a report that thousands of houses in Allahpur were going without water for the past several days because of this fault or that. The same complaint is being reported from several other areas.

Have the Jal Sansthan people cared to send their teams to different localities to find out the supply position? Residents in some areas of Civil Lines have complained that they are getting water in trickles. Sometimes all of a sudden the pressure increases and water comes down through the taps in abundance. But this too with the help of jet pumps. Water on its own has  not been reaching most of the Civil Lines households for the last several decades.
The Jal Sansthan must give a Helpline Number on which the people may be able to contact them and register their complaints. This is essential because many people  prefer to suffer than to go to the Jal Sansthan office because there too often they are told that the gentleman who records complaints is on leave—even if the man saying this is himself the person deputed for the job. Disgusted with the daily ordeal , several people have had deep boring done to extract water independently from the ground—even though, if I remember rightly, there were strict instructions that private hand-pumps should not be set up. But people are doing so, especially where new constructions are coming up—some authorized, some unauthorized. People tell me that where unauthorized construction work is going on, someone comes in for a farcical check, stops all work . After some days it is resumed. How this happens and why this happens is anybody’s guess. Right now all eyes are focussed on the marshy land where unauthorized houses have come up. Taking advantage of this, clever people in other areas are allegedly defying building norms to fulfil their lust for a house, legal or illegal. The water being extracted or the power being stolen  is something which seems to bother none. Why? These may appear to be small matters. But when such small matters are totalled they turn into a huge  problem which at a later date becomes difficult to handle. The thirsty people are becoming thirstier. But there is none to listen to their cry.

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