Sunday, February 25, 2018
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clock tower incidence

The clock-tower incident  on Monday could easily have been avoided if the traffic cops had been posted on the spot to prevent any vehicle from parking at the forbidden place. The young man who was beaten up—and who fainted—just because he asked a cop why he was being discriminated against when other vehicles were also wrongly parked, wouldn’t have asked that question had the cops ensured that no other car was parked their wrongly.

And what was the need of physically assaulting someone who merely asked a question? Even if someone were to raise a crucial point, there are ways and means to satisfy him. One just doesn’t go about beating up the questioners. That only shows that the cop had no satisfactory answer to give. The public might not have got aroused so passionately had it not been for the fact that the policeman committed this outrage in the presence of his mother who was naturally provoked too.
Traffic controlling is not a job that should be assigned to the   hoodlums among cops. But where will one find a cop who will be civil and polite in his approach when all that he does is to follow what his colleagues have been doing almost all over the city—using bullying tactics to extort money from even innocent people?
Parking is a major issue that ought to be tackled on a priority basis. Unfortunately that has not been done. I need not repeat who all are responsible for this. But if there are nursing homes, marriage halls and other public places, coaching houses, which have defied the ADA by swallowing up the land shown on maps for parking, then who is to blame? Someone in the ADA staff   must have condoned the lapse after receiving a hefty sum of tainted money. If the senior ADA officials have the guts to set things right, they should not just challenge the owners of the premises who have violated the parking norms but also take to severe task the officials who permitted them to violate the traffic norms. This defiance of norms is not a one-sided affair. If the officials concerned have retired, they should nevertheless be issued notices to explain why they should not be penalized for being a party to the elimination of the parking slots in different areas of the city which is causing traffic chaos.


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