Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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laila majnu

Till recently we would hear of honour killings mostly in Western UP or neighbouring Haryana. But now that horror has invaded our region too. The other day a killer brother , allegedly involved in such a ghastly crime was, held. And now a report comes from Pratapgarh about a similar instance of honour killing.

It is strange that we sympathise with such lovers when we see them on the screen. Just recall those films of yester years—Heer Ranjha, Laila Majnu, Sassi Punnu, Sohni Mahiwal, Wamiq Azra and you will remember, if you saw any one of these movies, that the sympathies of the picture goers were entirely with the lovers. The public would abuse the villains   instrumental in parting them or even killing them. Those who do not see Hindi films—or pretend not too—must have witnessed the tragedy of Romeo Juliet on the screen too. Didn’t they have sympathy for the lovers? In those days we would abuse the villain when he appeared on the screen and shed tears for the lovers. Why can’t we do that in real life as well? Why do some people, who abused the screen villains enact the roles of the same villains themselves  in real life without any qualms?
In those days, when an unsuccessful pair of lovers committed suicide, people would say, ‘Too many films have spoiled the youth. They are trying to imitate Laila Majnu too’. But now a days  there aren’t such films.  Then why is the same drama is being repeated? The answer is that the emotion of love is as powerful, as excruciating today as it was in the yester years. External threats deter the lovers not. Should we not find some ways to bring about a union between two loving hearts instead of being declared guilty of their murders? We should not forget that the young couple can flee to another city, another country, get married and live happily ever after with none threatening them. It is being done. They may not be running away. But there are instances when a young man, studying in a distant city or another country falls in love with a class mate who might be even of a different faith and nationality. They have married and their families have accepted the wedding. I know of a conservative Allahabad family. A son went to Mumbai for a job, got it and would not come home saying that his bosses did not give him any leave. But since he was sending money home regularly, the family was satisfied. Then a younger brother had to go on a college tour. When he returned from tour he told his parents: ‘Bhaiya has got married to a Maharashtrian girl’. Before the stunned listeners could recover, he had another bombshell for them: ‘And do you know, he has a son too—four years old, very charming, bright and playful!’ On realizing that they had become grandparents, they forgot about the inter-regional marriage and said, ‘Lets go to Mumbai’.  Such things

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