Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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illegal mandir construction

The Supreme Court orders are to be followed. And the orders are clear. No encroachments should be allowed on roadsides on the ground that they are places of religious worship. A report reveals that in Allahabad there are 250 such spots where places of religious worship have come up. Some are very old too. They might have been tolerated in the past because the problem of traffic congestion was not so acute. But right now , when more vehicles than men are seen on our busy roads, we need every inch of the thoroughfare to ease traffic flow.

It may be pointed out that these places of worship are not safe on roadsides in view of the rash and negligent driving by drivers of heavy vehicles. Some of them , in high speed, could dash against them and damage them out of shape. That would be an accident not foreseen. But the structure would have in a way been demolished.
I would like the authorities to consider the feasibility of  lifting and removing these structures as they are and shifting them to some other place where they would not hamper traffic movement. That would also satisfy the sentiments of those who may be going there for worship. Or else, my fear is that it won’t be a JCB that will destroy these roadside places of worship but some heavy vehicle. Assuming a tanker driven at high speed at night is moving through a busy road with a driver who hasn’t been there earlier. He wouldn’t know that jutting out on the road is a place of worship. He may lose control and dash against it.
Let us try to find an alternative. And that could lie in shifting the structure safely to another spot. In the past, long, long ago, I read somewhere that the Babri Masjid need not have been demolished. It could have been shifted. Now that shrine was a huge structure. What we have on roadsides are small structures which can easily be removed. If the suggestion is feasible, it can be implemented. The worship place right in the middle of the road opposite the Civil Lines Bus Station could be shifted that way too.

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