Thursday, January 18, 2018
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ALLAHABAD: Nihal Singh Majithia, ex-student of Boys High School, Allahabad, was adjudged Mr Amity of  Amity International School, New Delhi for the year 2012-13. Along with Nihal in the picture is Heba, adjudged  Miss Amity for 2012-13
Incidentally, Nihal’s father, Captain K.S.Majithia, is also a product of  an Allahabad school—but not BHS. He is an ex-alumni of St Joseph’s College Allahabad of the 1972 batch. Lest you should fail to place them, let it be stated that Nihal is the grandson of Mr S.S.Majithia, Retired Senior Railway Engineer.

We were curious to know why Mr Majithia put his son in SJC and grandson in BHS. He replied: ‘If two bowls of tempting ice-creams, both exquisitely flavoured, are available, won’t you like to savour both?’   We asked him: ‘But which of the two is better—BHS or SJC?’ Mr Majithia replied: ‘They are like our two hands—both equally useful. And don’t try to discriminate between the two—because a left-hander bowler and batsman can also play havoc with the opponents.
Mr Majithia revealed that Nihal is also editor of the college magazine and has good command over English. ‘Whenever I give him a note to type, he does so and, at the same time, tells me that he had made some improvements in the text. He is indeed very bright and I foresee a grand future for him. That is my wish, my blessing too’. We congratulated him and wished more success to his children and grand children.


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Which might seem insane - we have come all this manner for 16%?!

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