Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Jammu and kashmir

Allahabad was stunned along with the rest of the country on learning about the militant attack in Jammu and Kashmir. It seemed to be   a well-planned terrorist attack  which came as a shocking anti-climax to the  optimism expressed in several quarters  that something good would emerge out of the  talks between Dr Manmohan Singh and Nawaz Sharif  which will lead a step further towards improving the ties between the two countries. Early reports on Thursday morning stated that heavily-armed militants dressed in Army fatigues on Thursday attacked a police station in Kathua, killing five persons, including four policemen, before targeting an army camp in nearby Samba, in a terror strike 72 hours ahead of a meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif.  A Lt Colonel was among the army personnel killed in the camp.

 Those espousing peace in Allahabad were stunned by this development and their immediate reaction was that an attack of such a nature must have been well planned to time it with the approaching talks between Dr Singjh and Nawaz Shareif. Soem demanded that talks should not be held. Others said that if the talks were cancelled it would mean playing into the hands of the militants who have committed the outrage to prevent the peace parleys.
People were heard gossiping in Civil Lines that there was a major security lapse by the security forces. Some blamed retired General V.K.Singh for unnecessarily raising a controversy over the alleged money that the army had been giving to the J&K Government. One angry man at the bus stop was heard saying: ‘Didn’t the General realize that he was diverting the attention of the personnel posted there?’ Another person was heard saying: ‘How is it that the police station in Kathua was not guarded well? The terrorists just walked in? Some others wanted to know how the terrorists could have an easy entry into the army cantonment. And how could they enter the mess without being challenged?  There are many more questions that will have to be answered. Right now let us hope that the security forces will not take any further chances and revamp the whole machinery to make it impossible for the terrorists to repeat their outrage.

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