Sunday, February 25, 2018
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meerganj prostitute

The other day police again raided the red light area. Except for one pair, they could not discover any more prostitutes in ‘action’.  How this pair was caught is anybody’s guess. But the presumption is that from among the transferred Badshahi Mandi outpost cops some have close links with the new personnel posted there.

Who knows they may be operating by proxy and might have thus given advance information about the impending raids. Anything can happen. Those posted now couldn’t be saints; even if they are, how do we know that they are not followers of Bapu Asaram ?
Anyway, a report says that the Kotha Madams are rolling in wealth. They are even running truck business and minting money from other projects too in which they have invested their tainted money. There is one similarity between truckers and the Madams. The cops extract Suvidha Shulk from both!

The wrong cavity!
Rajiv Dave, our senior reader, has some sense of humour! On reading the news item about  a dentist raping his patient, he says: ‘When I was in London long, long ago a similar case occurred there. But one newspaper did not give the stereotyped heading like ‘Patient raped by dentist’.  Rajiv recalls, ‘The unforgettable heading was ‘Dentist fills the wrong cavity’!




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