Thursday, January 18, 2018
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A report said on Saturday morning that in a spate of transfers ordered by Lucknow, the Allahabad Nagar Nigam saw a big change. The outgoing Nagar Ayukta, Raghvendra Vikkram Singh, besieged by chronic problems that he inherited from his predecessors, has been transferred and his place has been taken over by Pradeep Kumar, the assistant Nagar Ayukta. 

Pradeep has come at a very crucial time. Every year a little before the festival season, the Safai Karmcharis have been going on strike to pressurise the authorities into submission at a time when the higher ups will not be able to resist their threats. Year after year we have been facing the same story of blackmail and coercion. They go on strike because of the non- fulfilment of their demands. Some of their demands could be justified as well. The Government adopts a tough stand. The garbage heaps keep on mounting. The festivals draw nearer and nearer and public anger also reaches its peak. The administration pumps in temporary hands to meet the crisis. But finally the authorities surrender and things are settled to the satisfaction of the employees. This drama may be repeated.
But this urgency notwithstanding, Mr Pradeep Kumar does enjoy a high reputation for good work that he has been doing all these years in various capacities. His politeness, efficiency, firmness, discipline and honesty have been noticed by one and all.
The Patrika accords him a warm welcome and hopes that he will settle down soon and will succeed in tackling the festive urgencies in the short run and bigger problems facing the city in the long run. We wish Vikram all the best. He tried his best. And some good work was done by him. But, let me warn Pradeep, the Municipal Commissioner’s is a thankless job.  




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