Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Allahabad Flooding ADA

Has the Day of Judgment arrived for the allegedly corrupt elements among the ADA staff?  When they take bribes from people to allow them to proceed with their illegal constructions, they never give a thought to the possibility of encountering the wrath of their victims, especially when they  go with the demolition squad to  raze to the ground the very unauthorised constructions   which they had allowed!  This is particularly true of the illegal constructions that were validated by these officials in low-lying areas  even when building activity was forbidden there. 

The junior engineers and building inspectors, who okayed the constructions, are now in a state of panic.  According to a report  published already,  quite an embarrassing situation cropped up  in Salori and Daraganj on September 24 when residents offered stiff resistance and alleged that that ADA’s junior engineers and inspectors of ADA had taken bribe from them for allowing the constructions.  A resident of Chhota Baghara has been quoted as saying, ‘My house was not constructed overnight. It took nearly eight months and  if it was wrong, why didn’t the ADA people issue a notice to  me then?’ He says: “Instead, they took money for allowing the   construction and now want it to be demolished’. They are freely taking the names of the officials who fleeced money out of them.
Since hundreds of illegal constructions have been identified in some of the low-lying areas, the time has come now to send an intelligence team to interview each and every owner of the unauthorised constructions and take details from them of the personnel who came to inspect the place and permitted them to go on with the construction work. If the senior ADA officials want to trap the corruption and bring to an end this game of allowing unauthorised constructions in exchange of bribe money then such an inquiry will have to be instituted.
This is not to suggest that elsewhere in the city such acts of corruption have not been committed. It would however be difficult to track them because no urgency has cropped up in those areas. But if a World Bank team is going to survey the city to draw a plan to make Allahabad a smart city then in the process they are bound to come across such constructions.
It was mentioned that the survey teams will be divided in two groups in one of which officials from ADA, Nagar Nigam etc would be present too. They will not expose their own complicity in allowing the city to be gangraped by unauthorized buildings. Hence it would be proper to send in the survey team those people who enjoy the reputation of being honest. The survey team will also need to find way for the blocked nullahs. They must find out who all encroached on the drains by managing to shut the mouths of the officials concerned  by stuffing currency notes into them. We can have a smart city only if we can do away with the corrupt elements in the implementation machinery or else  even if we spend billions we will find the Mahakumbh debacle of roads being repeated. 

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