Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Bull Old Man Dead

A stray bull suddenly lost its cool and attacked a harmless old man, a vendor, who was returning home. Why the bull charged him is not clear. But that is always so.  The 65-year old Munna Lal Sahu was rushed to hospital by his nephew but the  doctors declared him brought dead. The death of the familiar face cast a gloom in the area and also spread panic among the people who were not sure who will be the next victim of the stray animal.

One never knows when a bull may lose its head. It is an unpredictable animal. That is why it is most dangerous to let these stray bulls roam freely on roads. When the Muthiganj  tragedy occurred, the animal husbandry officer, Dr Dheeraj Goel who rushed to the scene on hearing about the outrage, revealed  that only the other day half a dozen bulls were removed from Muthiganj and freed in the jungles on the outskirts.
Muthiganj is not the  only area plagued by these stray bulls. These bullies are said to be active in almost all the localities of the city. If one looks at them they appear to be so slow, dull and are hardly seen running fast. They move at the pace of a tortoise, so to speak. But when they get angry or aroused they seem to suddenly be surged with extra animal power. And if they then chase an individual, only the Almighty can save him. The other day a school girl was attacked. She fell down on the ground. But before the bull could  cause her fatal injuries he was hounded away by the public. In Allahapur, close to the vegetable market, one such bull held an old man against the wall of a house and then gored him to death some years ago.
I would like to request the authorities concerned to save us from the bulls loitering all over the city. Near Girls High School too there are two or three stray bulls that can be seen loitering around, sniffing at the garbage bins opposite the GHS wall. Some stray horses too are found galloping around, Will the Animal Husbandry officer take his team near the GHS and trap those bulls—the four-legged ones? 

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