Thursday, January 18, 2018
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parcel bombparcel bomb

Citizens beware! The old technique of Parcel Bomb is being revived by anti-social elements who are targeting their rivals through this horrifying method. Letter bombs have been used too. And some decades ago, when Khalistan supporters had unleashed the ‘Transistor Bombs’ it was very common to see people falling a victim to the temptation of grabbing  a transistor radio set lying abandoned on the road. The moment they would switch it on, the explosive planted inside would blast with a big bang seriously injuring if not killing the man on the spot.

A report says that in the Kydganj blast on Saturday, the police first tried to suppress the whole thing by saying that it was a case of short circuit leading to the blast in the battery. The parcel contained an emergency light; and as the victim switched it on it exploded with such loud velocity of sound that neighbours feared as if the multi-storeyed building would come crashing down. But experts who rushed to the scene smelt sulphur and said it was a bomb and that a battery of the size fitted in the emergency light was incapable of causing a blast of such fiery dimensions as to grievously injure the palm of the young lad, blowing off one of his fingers. The sending courier agency from Varanasi had given a fake name. One report says that the address contained only the addressee’s name and phone number. But another report says that the address mentioned the young man’s real name as well as pet name as also his father’s real name and common name. Some suspect it could be a property case as the boy was the only son in the family and his sister, also injured, is already married. We would wish them both a speedy recovery.
And for the postal authorities, both government and courier services,  this should be a strong  wakeup call for them. Our crime reporter rightly says: ’The incident has also exposed the negligence of the courier company operators who do not check the parcels before sending them to the addressees. The courier companies only take the name and address of the sender of the parcel without verifying them. The companies also do not have metal detectors to check any suspicious item inside the parcel’.’

Some safety  norms and restrictions will have to be enforced to ensure that such blasts do not take place. But when all is said and done, the addressee should himself be very, very careful while handling such parcels or packets.


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