Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Tempo Allahabad

Our traffic inspector comes out with fantastic ideas. He is now again planning a  session in schools  with tiny tots to teach them about traffic rules. He argues that if school lads are aware of the norms and if they in turn pressurise their parents to abide by traffic rules, they may prove to be more effective  because parents never like to disappoint their offspring.

I won’t say three cheers to him but shout three jeers for him. How can he be so certain that the children will remember his tips on reaching home—when they will rush straight to the internet to have fun? And when do they meet their father who could be doing most of the driving? When Dad gets up to go to work early in the morning the children are fast asleep. When he comes home for lunch, they are in school. When he returns from office in the evening they are either in a coaching institute or in the playfield. When he returns late in the night from a long  boozing session with club friends, the children are fast asleep! He has seen them grow in bed!
But assuming that what the brilliant traffic inspector says makes sense, why shouldn’t the TI take a team to schools where the children from the slums study, including children of tempo-drivers, trolley-pullers, truck and taxi drivers? Let him first test his theory there and try to find out after the training session as to how many kiddies could reform their fathers and successfully persuade them to follow traffic norms while driving? But the situation will turn funny if the tempo drivers ask the TI to also teach lessons to the children of cops as well so that they may ask their papas, ‘Why do you take free trips in tempos, why do you disturb road equilibrium by chasing trucks for suvidha shulk?’
Assuming that some children in well-to-do families muster courage to ask their respective fathers to follow traffic norms while driving, what is the guarantee that the father will not hit back and tell the boy: ‘You first do your home work and give me details of what you are studying in coaching institutes. Are you actually going there or taking the money to buy drinks from the roadside pubs?’
Some people are maliciously saying that the cops want to organize  traffic training in schools so that they may build up proper rapport with teachers and principals and then manage to have their undeserving candidates admitted to schools. I don’t know how much of this is true. But I do hear that some cops keep on pressurizing the Principals to admit their undeserving candidate because from such admission seekers too they might have extracted thick wads of currency notes?

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